We use clean biodegradable chemical wash made with soy bean oil when reclaiming screens.

We are able to create an online shopping store for your

group, school, team or club as well at no extra cost! 

Click here to see some things we're doing right now

We have a clothing shop called Wisconsin Apparel Co.  We're not quite ready, but a link will be provided soon. Please check back again,

- Wisdom of Confucius  ​


Please contact us at PrinterRVK@yahoo.com 
​Please allow some time for our response.
Do not expect a quick reply. This is a difficult time for us. 

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

At this time we are sorry to say we are unable to take & complete screen printing orders.
Our downtown has had a devastating event damaging many stores and homes
​including our own store and shop. 

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Razor Sharp Screen Printing